- Socket & Wrench set

6-pc, Oil Funnel Set for VAG



Different engines have different configurations below oil filler neck. Some engines might give parts that create a baffle (as the images shown on the right), and this can make conventional funnels hard to stabilize on oil filler neck, or one hand is needed to hold against the funnel when refilling engine oil. However, this funnel is to solve these problems. A seamless connection can be created to prevent unsafe oil spills on engine or floor.


  1.) Funnel can be directly connected to oil filler necks, eliminating unsafe oil spills.

  2.) Engine oil bottles can be put up side down on funnel-hands-free and one-person operation.

  3.) Large oil passage allows oil to flow down more rapidly.

  4.) Lower transparent chamber shows oil flows down to engine.

Packing: Color box + PE shrink



 1.)Funnel opening: @125mm / @4.9".

 2.)Overall height: 211mm / 8.3".

 3.)Oil passage: @27.5mm / @1.1".

 4.)Funnel threads: M37 × P3.0.

 5.)Adapter threads: M37 × P3.0.

 A.) Transparent chamber shows oil flow.

 B.) Large oil passage allows oil flow fast.

 C.) Durable NBR seal.

 D.) Twist type adapter fits the most recent VAG.

 E.) Clip type adapter fits BMW, Mercedes, VAG.

 F.) Knob type adapter fits VAG 1.5 petrol engines.