- Socket & Wrench set

12-Ton, Hydraulic Truck Spring Pin Metal Bush Removal/Installation Kit



Material: carbon steel (S45C) with phosphate finish.
Application: VOLVO (FM12), RENAULT (430/450/460),MAN-TGA (410/414/460), DAF.

All in Blow Mold case + EVA foam
Packing: Color Label + PE shrink



Contents: Oxygen Sensor Socket (c/w O-Ring)
   Bush dia. 105mm (Marked No. 3)
   Bush dia. 105mm (Marked No. 4)
   Bush dia. 66mm (Marked No. 5)
   Bush dia. 59mm (Marked No. 6)
   Bush dia. 49mm (Marked No. 7)
   Bush dia. 78mm (Marked No. 12)
   Bush dia. 78mm (Marked No. 13)
   Bush dia. 98mm (Marked No. 14)
   Clamping Ring dia. 68mm (Marked No. 9)
   Clamping Ring dia. 60mm (Marked No. 10)

   Clamping Ring dia. 51mm (Marked No. 11)
   Installation Pad dia. 108mm (Marked No. 15)
   Installation Pad dia. 103mm (Marked No. 16)
   Installation Pad dia. 108mm (Marked No. 17)
   Threaded Stud 'Short' M16x2.0
   Threaded Stud 'Long' M16x2.0
   Clamp Sleeve Set
   Hydraulic Ram
   Washer (Set of 4)
   Nut M12x1.75 (Set of 4)
   Hex Head Screw M6x1.0
   Hex Head Screw M12x1.75
   O-Ring (Set of 4)
   O-Ring (Set of 4)