- Socket & Wrench set

3-pc, Wheel Lock Removal Tool (BMW)



Fits all vehicles equipped with a spinning ring high

 security wheel lock bolt. This bolt is particularly common

 on BMW vehicles.

Additional Tools Needed: slide hammer with M16/1.5 thread


WARRANTY INFO: Because this tool is a service tool and is

 used under extreme loads, the inner collet and spline

 remover is not covered under warranty.

These parts can be purchased individually without having to

 a whole new tool.


(M12x1.5) Alloy rims + Steel rims:

Serie 1 (~2011), Serie 3 (~2011), Serie 5, Serie 6 (~2010)

Serie 7 (~2001), Serie 8, X1, Z1, Z3, Z4, Z8.

(M14x1.25) Alloy rims + Steel rims:

Serie 1 (2011~), Serie 2, Serie 3 (2012~), Serie 3-GT,

Serie 4, Serie 5-GT, Serie 6 (2011~), Serie 7 (2008~),

X3 (2010~), X4, X5 (2007~), X6, i3, i8, Cabrio (R50 2006~),

Clubman, Mini Cooper (R56 2006~), Mini Cooper S (R56 2006~),

Mini One (R56 2006~), Paceman, Roadster.

All in Blow Mold Case

Packing: Color Label + PE Shrink